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How credible are online degrees? Is it better to do a full time course instead of a distance learning course?


Obtaining an Online Degree

Distance Learning v Full time degree courses
Credibility of Online Degrees
Which degree?

The Internet now gives you the opportunity to obtain an online degree where previously circumstances might have prevented you from furthering your education.

You can enjoy the benefits of distance learning online, as opposed to traditional campus based programs. Due to the lower overheads involved with online programs, there is a much wider choice of courses available to you to suit your particular requirements and subject. Campus based colleges can rarely offer an equally broad range due to the costs involved of teaching staff, materials, and classrooms. There are of course some areas where it is better to attend regular courses, but for the qualifications that many need such as a Bachelor's or Master's, it is just more convenient to obtain these qualifications by doing an online degree.

Online degrees are far more flexible in terms of when you study, and when you take part in tutorials. You can take a tutorial at 2 am if you want to! This method of learning is far more convenient compared with a traditional campus university, especially if you work full-time or have a family to look after. Even if you are geographically isolated, find travel difficult; or maybe your employment means that you are frequently required in a foreign country; an online degree removes these barriers to furthering your education.

Many schools offering online degrees are able to give you a choice of different start dates, often as frequently as every month. This, combined with concentrated, full, or part-time programs means that you can always find something to suit you.

A question of Balance
The best balance between a full time degree and an online degree must be where get the best of both worlds and you do a course or degree in a university near to you. Of course there are benefits to online degrees, but really the best one is where you will at least have some time to interact with your tutors and fellow students. There are many online courses, but the occasional seminar, once a term is an invaluable addition and validation to any qualification. The exchange of ideas is an essential way of keeping your online degree living, and making it much more of a learning experience.

How Credible are Online Degrees?

The degree you earn is as credible as the institution from which you earn it. This means if you choose a university of quality, then a degree you earn through distance learning will be just as credible as a traditional degree in the same major from the same school. There are many universities in the US that offer online degrees, and an increasing number of universities in the UK that are starting to do so. One of the pioneers for online degrees is the Open University ( in the UK, which formerly was known for its more traditional distance learning methods.

Which Degree?
The level of degree or certificate that you can earn through online distance learning depends on the school and particular field in which you want to study. There are programs available for degrees at the Associate, Baccalaureate, Master, and Doctorate levels, as well as professional certificate programs and Continuing Education Units.

Associate's degree-An Associate's degree is awarded to a student upon the successful completion of a two-year program of study. Typically, it requires that the student pass courses totaling 60 credit hours, with a minimum number of courses being in a particular field. It usually takes a student two years of full-time enrollment to complete an Associate's degree.

Baccalaureate or Bachelor's degree-To earn a Bachelor's degree, a student is usually required to successfully complete at least 120 credit hours of coursework. Typically, 60 credit hours of the 120 must be upperdivision courses related to the student's major. It usually takes a student four or five years of full-time enrollment to complete a Bachelor's degree.
Master's degree-A Master's degree is a graduate degree awarded to a student upon successful completion of a post-baccalaureate program. The number of credits or units that a student must complete, and the amount of time that it takes, depends entirely upon the graduate program.

Doctorate or Doctoral degree-This is the highest degree awarded by colleges and universities in the United States. The requirements for the degree vary depending on the institution and field of study. Typically, it requires a dissertation or a comprehensive examination during the final phases of the program. And it usually takes around four years to complete.
Certificate-A certificate is a document validating that a student has completed particular courses of student in his/her field of expertise.

Continuing Education Unit (CEO-This is a standard measurement for a student's participation in a continuing education program. Generally, these programs apply to fields that require certification or licensure. One unit is equal to ten contact hours of participation in a qualified course.





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