IB texts for International Baccalaureate reviewed by IB teachers and Students.


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IB texts for International Baccalaureate reviewed by IB teachers and Students.

There is a fairly exhuastive list of subects that are available to study within the International Baccalaureate diploma, (IB diploma). The syllabuses are updated to a lesser or greater degree every 6 years or so, and publishers try to keep up with the idiosynchracies of the new syllabuses, by bringing out newly edited versions of their already existing IB text books. However, with the syllabus being reviewed so often, and the updates being quite considerable in many cases, it is difficult for publishers and writers to keep up.
Teachers and students need to take their time to look at the reviews of the text book to see if it well thought of by other students and teachers. One llesson we have learnt, is that the first text book that is available on the market for a particular course is often not the best text book to be used. There are many examples (and ask any maths teacher or look at reviews on the online curriculum centre) of texts books that have been rushed to publication without adequate proof readings of the texts, or with typographic errors in the text. When the student is doing exercises at home and checks to see if their answers are correct, it can be very frustating to see that their correct answer obtained using the correct method or process is not the answer in the back of the book. The average IB student is already pushed for time and can do without this avoidable time-wasters. Other common problems are that graphs especially can be mislabelled, and some of the symbols are written wrongly. Also a publisher is in such a rush to get the text out that they do not have time to put an index of terms in the back. Another frustration for who wants a concise definition without having to wade through pages of text.

For this reason my colleagues and I have put together our thoughts and have made our recommendations of the texts that we think are the best (and no text is perfect) for your subect.


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