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Child Learning Foundation was borne out of the desire to provide school age children a curriculum guided by Biblical principles, and where the teaching of Christian values pervades in and out of the classrooms.
In 1991, four children of the late Manuel Martinez Jr. and Carmen Jimenez began looking for a school for their school age children. They sought a school where the Bible would be the guide in the formation of the curriculum, and where Christian truths prevail.
At this time, their sibling, Rosario, better known as Teacher Tayong, had been teaching pre-elementary for 5 years. It was then that the older siblings urged Teacher Tayong to teach their children. What began as an informal pre-elementary school with just a handful of students, mostly Martinez grandchildren and relatives, then gave birth to a small Christian school that grew each year.
The school was originally named Foundation for Christian Learning but in 1993, when the school formally applied with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the name was unfortunately dissapproved. CHILD LEARNING FOUNDATION was subsequently approved by the SEC in 1993, and the school was given its permit to operate by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports ( now DepEd). By God's grace, one elementary level was opened each year. In 1999, the school celebrated the graduation of its first batch of Grade 6 students.
We believe that the Bible is the Word of God for man, therefore, it rules, judges and guides all aspects of human thought, life and endeavor ( 2Peter 1:21 2Timothy 3:16).
We believe that God has mandated mankind to subdue the earth and to harness its power and resources for man's good for the glory of God (Genesis 1:28). To be able to do this, we need education.
We also believe that children are made in the image of God, therefore, should be treated with respect and should be assisted to cultivate their God-given abilities and talents. But we also believe that, because of the fall of the first man to sin, all children are born with a sinful nature; therefore, we need to correct their moral deformation and problems (Genesis 1:26-27, Psalm 51:5, Psalm 58:3,Isaiah 8:20, Romans 3:4).
We believe that in common grace parents are to act as instruments to restrain the unilateral moral deterioration of their child. Ultimately then, parents are the ones directly responsible and accountable to God for their child (Ephesians 6:4).
When parents enroll a child in Child Learning Foundation, they have partly delegated their authority to the teachers to develop especially the cognitive skills of their child. CLF takes this delegated authority very seriously as it is from God. We, however, also know that it can never be fully effective unless parents become PARTNERS in the development of their child. As partners...
      ... parents must trust the school and teachers, that what CLF is giving is the best for their child;
      ...parents must continually communicate through the avenues which have been set

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