UK Expatriate Savings Plans.

UK Expatriate Savings Plans.

If you live and work abroad, you might be able to benefit from significant tax advantages when it comes to making investments. Some offshore investment funds are able to grow tax free, greatly enhancing the value of the fund at maturity. Many plans will give you the option of lump sum contribution or a more regular commitment, subject to a minimum amount.

It is important to understand the charging structure of your savings plan or investment fund. Fund charges can vary enourmously depending on the type of plan taken, for example charges may be taken in the first few years or spread more evenly over the investment term. There might be penalties which could have a dramatic effect on the funds surrender value if contributions are stopped or if you need to get at your money earlier than the minimum term.

Risk Profiles.
One of the most important factors when considering an offshore investment product is how much risk you want to take. You have to ask yourself the following questions.

Are you a cautious or adventurous investor?
Do you want to protect your initial investment?
Are you willing to take a greater risk with the potential of more substantial gains?

Expat Investment Funds are graded to help you with the fund selection. These funds typically fall into one of the following categories: Category 1 is the lowest risk, Category 5 is the highest risk.

  1. Funds offering conservative return similar to money market rates.
  2. Low risk investment funds offering security and potential growth.
  3. Funds that have a fairly balanced approach to investment by holding a diverse portfolio of assets.
  4. Focused equity exposure providing good growth potential with the risk of short term volatility.
  5. Aggressive funds balancing the risk of high volatility with the potential of high capital growth.



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UK Expatriate Savings Plans
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