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Learning Resource Center

Building # 9" Road 278, New Maadi,  
Cairo, ZIP Code 11434, Egypt.
Tel: (+202) 2516 3965 or 67 
Fax: (+202) 2520 3110, 
Mobile: (+2012) 233 2809
Email: info@lrcegypt.org

School Summary
Founded 1996
Have seen over 2000 students, aged 0 - 18

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) was chartered September 1996, and since then, has been providing adequate diagnostic and consultative services for children of all ages who have a broad range of learning difficulties, developmental disorders and/or behavior problems.  
We provide assessments, consultations, specialized therapies, and in-service training for schools and/or parents. We also provide support to families in accepting and dealing with their child's difficulties. 
We believe that an assessment or treatment plan is only as good as the diagnosis on which it is based; therefore, our philosophy is to provide services based on an interdisciplinary approach in treatment tailored to the individual needs of each child. 
Our multi-disciplinary diagnostic approach provides a comprehensive evaluation by certified professionals and produces information about the child s and adolescent's development and learning abilities. We consider questions posed by parents and schools, and tailor an individual evaluation for each child, which addresses these questions.
The assessments may include measures of cognition, language, memory, academic skills, personal self-care skills, sensory integration and motor development, as well as social and emotional development or any special needs.  The assessment culminates in a parent conference and a report including detailed recommendations and a plan of action.
Family-Child Support Program (FCS)
We offer an infant/toddler (0-3 years) program that provides meaningful and stimulating activities to children who are considered at high risk for developmental delays, and teaches parents how to include these activities in daily living at home to maximize their child s potential.  Please note that parental training and participation in the therapeutic process are mandatory to participate in this program.
Speech & Language Therapy (SLT)
We offer:
; Small group or individual sessions to address problems in speech, language, voice or fluency (in English or Arabic).
Parent/Child Interaction (PCI) therapy using video to facilitate language learning within the home setting. 
 Early Intervention Program (EIP) for children 2-5 years old who may have communication problems. This is a diagnostic and therapeutic program with small group and individual sessions, parent training, and supported and structured integration in nurseries, when appropriate. As in the FCS Program, parental training and participation in the therapeutic process are mandatory to participate in this program.
We provide counseling sessions for children, adolescents, and parents to address concerns regarding behavior or attention, as well as social and emotional development. Counseling may include play therapy, social skills groups, and other specialized formats.  
Educational Support Services (ESS)
The ESS provides help to students who attend mainstream schools, but are struggling to keep up at school due to learning difficulties, or attention problems. We provide trained, caring and supportive tutors who assist and motivate children's learning to read, write or develop mathematical skills and to apply effective study skills and learning strategies. Individual sessions as well as a Writing Skills Group are offered.  Support for home-schooling is also available.
School Readiness Program (SRP)
This program is for early elementary age children who have specific learning difficulties or attention problems. The program is dedicated to maintaining a supportive caring environment where teaching is motivating and students are assisted as they develop the skills needed to re-enter mainstream schooling.  It is an intensive, individualized program, including individual tutorial and therapy sessions.
Summer Workshop
This four-week program offers a small class size with a friendly, supportive learning environment that gives personal attention to each child.  This workshop is designed for mainstreamed students who have specific learning difficulties, a desire to do better in school, and possess a cooperative attitude.  The instructional emphasis is on reading comprehension and writing skills.
Occupational/Physical Therapy (OT/PT)
We provide small group or one-to-one sessions that address problems in fine motor, gross motor, visual-motor, coordination, balance, strength, self-care, and sensory integration and processing needs.
Vision Therapy (VT)
We offer Vision Therapy consultation conducted by certified visiting Behavioral Optometrists, in addition to demonstration and follow-up sessions for parents and children.
Professional Training & 
Parent Education 
We conduct seminars, courses, and workshops for nurseries, schools, parents, professionals and interested individuals, on a variety of developmental issues and education related subjects.  We also provide professional development for general and special education teachers, in conjunction with the Institute of Education, University of London.
School Consultations 
We provide consultation to nurseries and schools to determine their needs and priorities.  We also assist in setting goals and formalizing referral and identification processes for students experiencing a learning or behavioral difference. This may include classroom observations, evaluations and feedback to staff and parents in order to help school personnel identify and better serve children with learning difficulties.
Annual Educational Conference 
The conference is organized with the aim of creating awareness about developmental and learning disabilities, and providing information to the participants about different and up-to-date interventions in the field.
Our Staff
Some children may present with multiple or complex symptoms, and would thus require assessment from a range of specialists to provide them with comprehensive evaluations, and multidisciplinary treatment plans. A range of specialists provide services at the LRC including psychologists, behavior therapists, speech & language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, educational specialists, and consulting physicians.



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