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Possibilities to study whilst working such as an au pair. or as a nanny.

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Working as an Au Pair or Nanny

Working as an Au Pair or nanny can be an excellent way of experiencing life in another country, whether it is to learn a little bit more about the culture of that country or about the language of that country. There are many Au pairs working around the world. Living in a particular family can be an excellent way of acquiring the language of that country. Successful au pairs manage to create life long relationships with the host family (who also tend to be wealthy) as well as friendships with other nannies, who will consequently find themselves spread across the world give great opportunities to travel.

The first thing to be aware of is that if you are going to work as an au pair, you should be fond of children. You will spend most of your time with the children, caring for them, putting up with their tantrums etc. when their parents might not have time or energy to do so. One thing that will make you a hit with the parents, is that if you show that you genuinely like their children, and care for them, they will be much happier with you. If you do not really have a strong affinity for children that much, you will be making a big mistake.

What are the duties of an Au Pair?

Although you will spend your free time in any way you want, your main duty as an au pair will be to provide childcare and act as a nanny for the children in your host family. For most au pairs, typical nannying jobs are preparing snacks and meals, taking the children to school and to after school activities, monitoring homework and baby sitting. Amongst others, your duties might include;

  • waking the children, dressing infants and toddlers, bathing and playing with them
  • preparing meals for the children, tidying away their belongings, making their beds and doing their laundry
  • driving the children to or from school, appointments and outings
  • helping the children with their homework
  • babysitting for the children while they are asleep if the parents are not at home


When registering with the agency that finds you work, you should make it clear that you also want to study english, or the language of the host's country. They will try to arrange that you have a regular time off each week to attend language classes. In the USA it is actively encouraged that you study English, It is a visa requirement that au pairs take educational classes for no less than 6 semester hours of academic credit - this averages 3 hours per week for 30 weeks.

Official au pair agencies

Contact IAPA , the International Au Pairs' Association to get a list of IAPA Members in the country where you live and are a resident. Check with the IAPA that the agency is recognized by the IAPA.

The IAPA agency will provide you with:-

  • orientation materials about the host country
  • pre-departure assistance with regard to visas, transportation and insurance
  • information about language schools and study opportunities in the host country
  • contact lists of other au pairs in the vicinity
    information about social and cultural opportunities in the host country
  • support from the host au pair organisation including emergency cover
  • careful screening and matching to the host country
  • help from the host au pair organisation in case of problems within the family including re-matching with a new family




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