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Aspect ILA Cambridge
75 Barton Road,
Cambridge CB3 9LJ…..
Tel: 01202 638100
Email: enquiries@aspectworld.com}
Main Points:
{General English:
Premier plus
Premier intensive
Exam preparation:
Cambridge exam preparation
IELTS preparation TOEFL preparation }
Further details:

We've spent over 35 years refining our teaching methods so that we consistently offer the best language training. With our combination of skilled teachers, a well-structured curriculum and emphasis on academic support, you'll learn faster with Aspect.

A tried and tested curriculum
Using the best of traditional and modern teaching methods, our teachers deliver a carefully-researched programme of language lessons, designed to help you master the key elements of the English language quickly.

Motivating, friendly teachers
A good teacher will make all the difference to your progress in English. We select teachers not only for their qualifications and experience, but also for their passion for English language teaching. With their boundless enthusiasm, you'll soon find yourself enjoying your learning experience.

Highly effective learning technology
All Aspect schools are equipped with a dedicated multimedia centre where you can take language learning into your own hands. In addition to supervised sessions, you can take advantage of this technology outside class hours for independent study.

Continuous assessment and academic support
On your first day at school, you will take an Aspect placement test. This allows our Director of Studies to place you in a class with students of a similar ability. Your progress is then monitored and recorded on your Individual Student Record. Regular meetings with your teacher will keep you focused on the areas of English that need most attention.

Certificate of Achievement
After all your hard work, you'll want to know how much progress you've made since the start of the course. Most schools offer the option of an exit test so you can check your level at the end of the programme. All schools will provide you with an Aspect Certificate documenting your achievements in the English language.


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