English A1 - Recommended World Literature Texts


IB Recommended Texts
English A1 - Recommended World Literature Texts

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English A1 - Recommended World Literature Texts

The House of the Spirits (Paperback)

by Isabel Allende (Author), Magda Bogin (Translator)
Spanning four generations, Isabel Allende's magnificent family saga is populated by a memorable, often eccentric cast of characters. Together, men and women, spirits, the forces of nature, and of history, converge in an unforgettable, wholly absorbing and brilliantly realised novel that is as richly entertaining as it is a masterpiece of modern literature.

Kiss of the Spider Woman (Arena Books) (Paperback)

by Isabel Allende (Author), Magda Bogin (Translator)
by Manuel Puig (Author), T. Colchie (Translator)
"Kiss of the Spider Woman" (1976) is a novel written by Manuel Puig (1932-1990), an Argentinian playwright, novelist and screenwriter. Its subject is controversial, as it delves upon themes such as sexual identity, violence and torture. All the same, I think reading it is worthwhile, as it is one of those books that tell a story that comes alive to the reader... The main characters are Valentin and Molina, two men that share a prison cell, during the Argentinian dictatorship of the late 1970's. Molina is a sensitive soul that happens to be an homosexual, and Valentin a revolutionary that despises the fact that Molina has no political ideas (and is confused by the notion that someone can choose to be gay). Due to the fact that both share the same cell, Valentin and Molina spend some time talking to each other about their ideas and feelings, something they wouldn't have done in any other circumstance. Despite their differences, an unlikely friendship begins between them, a friendship that may well turn into something more. However, there is more than one twist that will surprise you in this story.

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (Penguin Modern Classics) (Paperback)

by Isabel Allende (Author), Magda Bogin (Translator)
by Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn (Author), Ralph Parker (Translator)
This story relates the struggle of men to survive both the terrible rigours of nature and the inhumanity of the system that defines their conditions of life. It is a glimpse of the fate of millions of Russians under Stalin, which shocked the world when it first appeared.




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