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International Schools in Kuwait

There are a number of international schools in Kuwait. Most have come from the number of ex-patriots in Kuwait, who have moved to Kuwait mainly due to the infrastructure that depends on oil-related companies and investors.

Education and International Schools in Kuwait
The development of the educational system in Kuwait can be mostly attributed to the wealth that oil has brought to the country.

Oil production picked up in the post-World War II era and the government began investing large sums of money in social services, and education was one of its top priorities. In the 1960's there were several advances in education namely the Constitution of 1962 stipulates that education is assured thus reflecting the belief that education is a fundamental right of all citizens. Schooling was first made compulsory in 1965, and in 1967 a private school system re-emerged with the help of considerable government subsidies.

Education in Kuwait Today
Today, Kuwait's education system is larger than ever. There are currently close to 500,000 students enrolled in Kuwaiti schools, constituting approximately 30 percent of the entire population.

There are three levels of education in Kuwait – elementary, intermediate, and secondary. Each level involves around four years of study. Schooling usually begins at age six. Pre-school is available for four to six year olds, and students who complete their basic education can continue on to higher education. Students in all Kuwaiti schools study English beginning in the second grade.

Many people choose not to send their children to the government schools, but to private schools instead. There are many private schools in Kuwait, many of which have foreign sponsors and are coed. The Bayan Bilingual School, the American School of Kuwait, the American International School, the British School of Kuwait, and the French School are several of the many prestigious private schools available to the Kuwaiti population.

Private education is generously subsidised. The Kuwaiti government subsidises into private educational facilities in addition to allotting land for school construction and distributing textbooks.

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