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Chengdu International School

Chengdu International School
No.99 Shuxi Lu
Zhong Hai International Community
Chengdu, Sichuan 611731
P.R. China

School Summary
Founded 1997
150 students,
aged 4 - 18
American Pk-12 curriculum, HS Diploma
60 staff

Chengdu International School has been building a solid foundation in education since 1997. We seek to provide an educational experience that integrates the Christian world view with a rigorous academic program. The Chengdu International School is a private school sponsored by LDI, Inc., an American non-profit corporation.
The school offers an English-language based Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12 program for expatriate students of all religions, races, and national backgrounds. CDIS offers an American curriculum and system of instruction that is college preparatory in both scope and level of difficulty. Chengdu International School is more than just a school; it is a partnership with parents to provide quality education for young minds.
CDIS has been accredited with the National Association of Private Schools (NAPS). Currently we are seeking accrediation with WASC, an accrediting organization based in Burlingame, California, USA. CDIS is also registered with the National Education Bureau and Chengdu Education Bureau and is a member of the East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
CDIS staffs the classroom with teachers certified by American standards, usually the teacher's home state. There are over 20 foreign (primarily from the U.S.) teachers and over 20 National Teachers (Chinese) delivering education at CDIS. Current staff and areas of responsibility are listed on the school website: 
Instruction is conducted with modern technology integrated throughout the curriculum.
The library is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The online catalog is accessible to both student laptops and on the library kiosk. Students may check out a total of three books at a time. Books may be kept for a limit of two weeks. This can be extended once. A 2 RMB fine will be charged for every day a book is overdue.
Books that are lost or damaged must be replaced. An outstanding balance will result in report cards, transcripts, and diplomas being withheld until it is paid.
CDIS is equipped with  computers in classrooms and at other locations on campus so that students have a high degree of access to them for instruction and projects.
All school computers are part of a campus network based on Gigabit switches and enterprise class wireless Access Points, and have dedicated Internet access via fiber optic connection to telecom. 
CDIS makes use of Dell Latitude  wireless laptops and AlphaSmart® 3000 units to extent technology access for all grade levels, as well as part of keyboard-training, starting in Grade 3.
Our new auditorium facility comfortably seats 230 people. It is furnished with the following state-of-the-art equipment:
24-channel sound mixer with stage production sounds
Theater-style Lighting 
Wireless and Lapel Microphones
Video Projector System for Power Point, DVD and Overheads
Closed-circuit TV for overflow seating 
Conferences & Meetings
The auditorium, conference room and other facilities are available for rent during non-school hours for conferences and meetings. For more information, contact the General Manager s Office at 8740-2260 x221.
Our new science lab has six 4-person lab benches, a teacher demonstration table and fume hood.
The student cafeteria can comfortably seat 100 students during any given lunch period. Salad bar and hot lunches are provided daily with a variety of cuisines represented each week (e.g. American, Italian, Korean, Chinese, etc ). Students must deposit 50 or 100 RMB with the accounting office and the price for meals will be automatically deducted when a student s identification card is scanned in the lunch line. No cash payments are accepted in the cafeteria itself. 
The business class also runs a separate student store in the cafeteria where students can purchase drinks, snacks and school supplies using RMB. 
Handicapped Access 
CDIS is equipped with ramps, automatic RFID card entry, an elevator and several handicapped restrooms for those who require additional assistance. 
Upper School Lockers
Middle school students are equipped with a single locker unit while high school students have two locker units to use for their belongings. Each locker is supplied with a combination Master Lock.
Upper School Showers 
Men s and women s shower rooms are available for upper school student use. Students are required to shower after their physical education classes. Towels, soap and shampoo are not supplied by the school and should be brought from home. 
Sports Facilities
Indoor sports facilities include a weight room for upper school students and a multi-purpose room for indoor sports and ping pong. Outdoor sports facilities include a soccer/baseball field and basketball/volleyball court. This fall we will be adding a new track and field to be shared with the Chinese school next door 
The school year generally starts at the end of August and ends in the beginning of June. It is divided into two semesters of two quarters each. There are approximately 180 school days on the school calendar.
The school board may add any days missed due to emergencies or unforeseen circumstances to the end of the school year.
We believe in operating, on Christian principles, an educational program that is open to students irrespective of race, color, or creed (except as prohibited). Our courses of study are intended to equip students for living in contemporary human society.
We believe that CDIS exists to provide academically excellent learning opportunities within a college preparatory course of study. We do not believe that we can meet the schooling needs of all students.
We believe that the responsibility for education rests upon parents. We believe that the school should assist families in helping their children to develop a sense of their own worth and identity as human beings.
We believe that education is the continuing process through which this awareness develops in an individual as he grows in all areas of his life toward his fullest potential.
Since every experience is a part of that process, our responsibility is to provide the opportunity for intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social growth.
The goal is to prepare the student for matriculation to the next higher level of educational endeavor. required in this is the development of higher level thinking skills and awareness of occupational opportunities.
We believe that education should be broad-based, providing student opportunities in basic core subject areas and as many supplementary enrichment areas as feasible.


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