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AMEC Anuban Muang Chiang Rai School.

Ban san sai noi
Muang .
Chiang Rai.57000

School Summary
Established 2544.
70 Students.
4 Foreign national teachers with Thai assistant.
Intensive English programme.

            Anuban  Muang Chiangrai  School - English Curriculum was established from with the dedication and cooperation of a select goup of parents who envisioned a " system of education which would be taught in English."    These parents,  
Mr. Anupan    Areewatanawong,Mr. Achawit Sonseewichai,Dr. Tunyapong  Thaychawatanagun,  Mrs. Natchareeya 
 Fahat Hatdal, Mrs. Supattra Thothragoon,  Dr. Boonlert Goatsatiengoon, Mrs. Chalermchone Halmnan expressed their 
desire to cooperate with the Chiangrai Ministry of Elementary Education in preparing and creating this new type of Kindergarten
 and Elementary  School in accordance with Thailand's official education requirements of 2542.  In  support of this vision, 
order no. 1065/2544 established on October 9,2544  states that the province of Chiangrai is and will be a province open to 
change and social adaptation to wards development.
            If was therefore agreed upon by the Chiangrai Ministry of Education that there was, in fact, a need for this new type of English School in order to progress forward.  As a result, the Ministry decided that the school would be a special extension of 
the province's Anuban Muang Chiangrai School, but would be located at Sansai Noi which is approximately 1  km.  form the 
main school.
            Anuban Muang Chiangrai School - English Curriculum commenced teaching students on May 6, 2545  with Karen Crowe leading the Kindergarten class and Louise Santoni guiding    the Elementary class, both from the " Chiangrai  Country Home Center." Ms. Crowe and       Ms. Santoni assisted the school with its initial start - up at Sansai Noi and begin providing teaching 
and instructional guidance in an effort to have the school available for official classes as of August 5, 2545.  In the school's first
 official year, there were 15  Kindergarten students, with Ajan Naowarat  Duangrtip and Erin Norleen as homeroom teachers. 
The Elementary    class consisted of 9 students, with Ajan Warawut Tuidong, Ajan Pusit Getprajan, Mrs. Supun Tawtip, Ms.Wednesday Harmon, and Ms. Sherri Pregitzer, combining their teaching efforts.  These teachers worked alongside parents through the presence of the PTA. ( Parents Teacher Association.)  This committee, which is responsible for the monitoring and management of     all aspects of the school, cooperates with the Chiangrai Ministry of Elementary Education       for support in meeting Ministry Education standards. Additionally, the school also receives supplemental support form sources both inside and outside of the school with in Chiangrai,      as well as from overseas.
            In conclusion, Anuban Muang chiangrai School - English Curriculum maintains that it is school which demands the full 
and firm support of the surrounding community in order to prosper. 
Moo 2  Bansansainoi Paholyothin Road. T.Sansai A.Muang Chiangrai. 
1.    Creating an educational process where by the students gain knowledge and skills through the use 
2.    of a foreign language.
3.    Supporting students in learning how to think, do and solve problems freely and in an orderly manner.
4.    Developing the student's knowledge and ability which will enable them to reach goals higher than 
5.    those standards required by the Ministry of Education.
6.    To create an enjoyable environment where students learn naturally and freely.
7.    Support learning through group work both in and out of the classroom.
8.    Both students and teachers cooperate in creating and managing educational activities.
9.    Create activities and ways of measuring and analyzing their results through fundamental and connectivity processes.
10.  Maintain educational staff members whom can represent, uphold and apply the proper teaching methods for students.
 School  hours
Classroom  hours                                Monday   Friday          8:30 a.m.  to  3:00  p.m.
Office  hours                                       Monday   Friday          8:00 a.m.  to  4:30  p.m. 
School  semester
1st  Semester                                     May - October
2nd Semester                                     November - March

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