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Üsküdar American Academy & SEV Elementary School

34664 Baglarbasi, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: (+90) 216 310 6823
Fax: (+90) 216 553 1818

School Summary
National, US, curricula.
1560 students, 5-18 yrs.

Established in 1876, Üsküdar American Academy is one of the oldest private schools in the region. It was founded by the United Church Board for World Ministries and now is governed by the Health and Education Foundation (SEV), a Turkish non-profit trust. The school provides an English language, college preparation program for 1560 students. Historically the school was a secondary institution with entrance at grade 6. Due to recent changes in Turkish educational law, a primary section including kindergarten was opened in September, 1998.

The Üsküdar American Academy & SEV Elementary School primary division's curriculum is a dual language one with English instruction in math, science, and art in addition to English. The high school division's program is academic in nature with English as the primary language of instruction. Math and science are emphasized throughout the curriculum. Turkish language and literature as well as all Turkish cultural subjects are taught in Turkish. There is a broad range of extra-curricular activities at Üsküdar American Academy & SEV Elementary School with an expanding sports program. Each year the school hosts the Turkish Model United Nations program which brings together 300 students from Turkey, Europe and the Middle East. The school participates in national and international activities encompassing science fairs, mathematics competitions, sporting events, and ISTA (International Schools Theater Association). In addition there are voluntary in-country school trips during the holidays.

Üsküdar American Academy & SEV Elementary School, on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, was called Scutari at the time of the Crimean war. It is the location of Florence Nightingale's famed hospital. Public transportation is readily available and makes exploration of Istanbul reasonable and simple.

The Üsküdar American Academy & SEV Elementary School has two campuses which consist of nine main buildings. There are views across the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn to ancient Istanbul Currently a long-term renovation program is in place which has resulted in modernization of the campuses. A new gymnasium was constructed in 1991, and a science/computer center was opened in 1994. The central garden and sports areas have been expanded and improved. In the summer of 1997 a new on-campus faculty apartment complex was opened. Three other main academic buildings have been modernized. In the summer of 2001, the auditorium was completely rebuilt and the grades 1-4 building was refurbished.

The Üsküdar American Academy & SEV Elementary School is composed of Turkish, US, Canadian, British and Australian citizens. Many of the Turkish faculty teach in English.

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